Sunday, 13 May 2012

#Photoadaymay 13| Mum

Today is Mother's Day and I've had a lovely, lovely day.  This year is the first time I think the Polynesian Princess has really, truly gotten what Mother's Day is.  She was so excited about it, she wanted to give me my Mother's Day card on Friday after school.  I barely had my eyes open this morning before she was dragging her bag of goodies in for me and unwrapping the presents for me.  Questions she fired at me: "do you like it??"  followed by "what is it?" made me laugh.

Me: Don't you know what it is darling?
Her: No
Me: Then why did you choose it?

Some questions don't need an answer.

My favourite present is a necklace she made at school.  She's moulded it out of clay into the shape of a heart and she has written "Mum" on it.  I adore this.  I wore it to yum cha for lunch.


I hope all the Mums out there had a lovely, relaxing Mother's Day.  And to anyone out there remembering and missing their Mum today, my heart is with you.

My heart is with you.


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