Saturday, 12 May 2012

#Photoadaymay 12| Something that makes you happy

A morning walk always makes me happy.  I regularly walk at night with a friend of mine and I enjoy those walks too, but for me the morning is where the magic’s at.  I love being up and watching the sun just starting to peek over the houses.  I love walking past all the coffee shops and see the still sleepy-eyed staff carrying out all the chairs and tables, preparing for the day.  I love passing other people in the morning and giving them the ‘morning’ nod and smile.  No teeth, not too much smile – just a little twitch at the corners.  That’s my ‘morning’ smile.  Sometimes I’ll even mouth the word ‘morning’.  Weird, but that’s what I do.

By the time I return to the house, everyone’s awake and The Architect has got the kids’ mornings started with breakfast.  Then he makes me a coffee and heads off to work.

Like I said.  A morning walk always makes me happy.

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