Friday, 11 May 2012

#Photoadaymay 11| Kitchen

Whew!  This one was easier than yesterday's instalment.  Here 'tis!

I love our kitchen.  It's nothing fancy but it's ours and many family meals are shared here.  It didn't always look like this.  When we first arrived, the kitchen was orange, and had an electric can opener attached to the wall.  In the real estate photo there was a painting of Elvis on the wall.  True story.  I was kind of disappointed that they took it with them.

Our house is a constant work in progress for The Architect.  His first 'project' was our kitchen and to have a gander at what's been done so far, check out my blog here.

Kitchens are awesome aren't they?  They really are the heart and hub of the entire house.


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