Thursday, 10 May 2012

#Photoadaymay 10| A favourite word

I am a nerd.  The Architect calls me a nerd regularly.  A word nerd.

I love words and I used to collect them.  Back in the day when I had a filofax, I had a page that I had entitled “Favourite words”.  As I read or heard words that I liked, I’d look them up in the dictionary and then dutifully add them to the list.  Definition and all.  My list included words like dilettante, pusillanimous, reprobate, avaricious.  Love ‘em.  Love the way they sound.  I know….nerdy.

An old friend and I used to text each other words of the day and then we had to text back the word in a sentence.  Sigh.  I miss that friendship.  One day I sent her “matricide”.  Let’s just say it wasn’t a harmonious visit to Mum’s that day.

Anyway, one of my favourite words is this one:

The definition I used to rattle off the top of my head was “frugal to the point of stinginess”.  Love it.

Do you know any parsimonious people?

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