Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Hang on a minute, I'm just checking FB...

Last week I read an article entitled Are you really there for your kids, or are you on your iPhone? on the Essential Baby website and as I read, I cringed and knew that this was me.  I was guilty of this.

The article discussed a blog by Hands-Free Mama entitled “How to Miss a Childhood”.  The premise of the article centres around our obsession with technology, specifically our phones.  I am that parent.  You know the one – pushing the swing with one hand whilst reading something on my phone with the other.  And is it wildly important what I’m reading?  Am I saving lives or the planet with my phone?

Of course not.  I’m updating my status update.  I’m checking in.  I’m sending the latest photo to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook all with the click of a button.  Little Warrior could be hanging upside down by one foot for all the attention I’m showing him.

And then I read this article and it seemed to be the wake-up call I needed.   The next day dawned and I was determined to keep my technology in my pocket, look my children in their eyes and listen to them when they spoke to me.  I would be in the moment with Little Warrior when we went to the park.  I would know that he’s just run behind that structure to play because I would have been watching him and not my phone.  I would not have my nose buried in my iPad or the Mac when the children are asking for afternoon tea and I would engage.  I would be there.

And I did it.  The world kept turning, no asteroids hit the earth and when I finally DID check my Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feed and Instagram hours later, I had missed nothing.  Nothing at all.  Five days later I’m still on track.  I’m only losing myself in technology when Little Warrior is asleep and Polynesian Princess is at school.  And I don't miss the constant engagement with the phone/pad/computer.  And even if I did, I refuse to miss their childhood.

So thank-you Hands-Free Mama.  And my children thank you too.


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