Tuesday, 14 February 2012

It's my party & I'll cry if I want to (part 1)...

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So!  Polynesian Princess turns five this week and this year we’re allowing her a party.  A small one.  Historically we don’t DO parties.  We have family over for a morning or afternoon tea.  Once we had a couple of her little friends join our family get-together but it was nothing like a real party.  Nothing like me baking a cake she has requested.  Or inviting friends she has requested.  Or playing games she has requested.

Running the idea past The Architect, his only concern was for my welfare.  “If you don’t think it’ll be too stressful….” he ventures…  Because he knows.  He knows what I’m like.  He knows that despite me saying “it’ll be FINE… just a simple gathering in a park” that I will end up with a stress headache, making and baking creations that I could have just bought, and possibly ending up as a stain on the carpet in the corner of our bedroom.

But never mind!  I want to do this for my little girl and I want to make it work.  I mean, how hard can it be?  A cake, some fairy bread and pass the parcel.  Right?  WRONG.  Oh so very wrong.  That would be right for any other normal, reasonable homosapien.  But not me dear reader…not me.  Because once I set my mind on an idea, even if it’s a ‘simple’ idea – I always, ALWAYS want to make it different, or memorable, yet easy.  And herein is my downfall.  Because invariably it’s never that easy when I’m trying to do these kind of things and simultaneously maintain my sanity.

In my head I’m already planning these ‘simple’ things and night after night, lists are growing in my head.  Need to check what battery size the bubble machine takes, and maybe the radio too.  Maybe bring a trestle table and extra chairs and blah blah blah-de-blah.   Seriously.  You’d think I was planning an event for CHOGM, not a five year old’s birthday party.  In a park.  With a handful of girls from school.

I can hear all the veterans reading this and laughing at my naivete.  I appreciate there are people out there who could probably ice a Dolly Varden whilst simultaneously boiling up some cheerios and cutting up the fairy bread.   AND have a spare hand to point to where everything needs to go while you delegate with aplomb.  I know, I know!  This is but a tiny blip on the radar of party planning but I don’t do these things often and for this very reason (I'm whining now).   When it comes to planning, I do have a tendency to over-think and over-complicate things.  There.  I said it.

We are T minus four days until my first foray into the world of hosting a kids’ party.  She has chosen her cake (a dolly varden), and she has chosen honey joys as her treat to take to school on her birthday for her classmates.  Adding to the chaos is the fact that Little Warrior celebrates a birthday tomorrow (yep - he's tomorrow and she is the day after, and NO we didn't have sex once a year).  So there will be a bit of baking happening in my little kitchen over the next few days, not to mention all the prep for the party.  But I'm happy and I know they'll both be happy with whatever I produce.

So stay tuned peeps - I will be as busy as the proverbial blue-ass fly for a while, but I will update once the fat lady sings.  That is, once the party is over, but you got that right?

Yours in butter icing,

D Diva


  1. Let me know what you need help with... Seriously. I like birthday parties. :0) I can help wrap a pass the parcel or stuff lolly bags or ice lamingtons or whatever you envisage for the party. Just let me know. :0)

  2. Thanks for the offer - I really appreciate it :) But I SHOULD be right. I'm trying to keep this simple. "Trying" being the operative word...


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