Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rolling with the punches


Oh what a night. Polynesian Princess came into bed with us at some stage during the night (last night). Little did we know, it was going to be one of THOSE nights with her.

You know the kind...

The kind where there is coughing followed by vomiting (that sound will always make my heart-rate spike).  The kind where the house is thundering with the sound of running to the toilet.  The kind where sheets are stripped and beds remade.   The kind where showers are had, and hair is washed.  Blech...

At two in the morning no-one can hear you scream.

I slept (or didn't sleep) with one ear and one eye open with her lying next to me.   Any movement or cough, and I was up, flicking the light on and asking "are you ok?!"  It may sound like I'm an attentive, caring mother, even when it's two in the morning.  But truth be told, the thought of changing yet another set of sheets would have sent me screaming into the night.  Soooo....not so much attentive, as lazy.

As I drifted back to nigh-nighs, I thought "well there goes her sleepover with her grandparents".   You see, the next day she was due to head down to spend a few nights with her grandparents.  Obviously this wouldn't be happening.  And the next morning it was official - she had gastro.  Okay people - Plan B!

That's the thing with having kids, isn't it? You really need to roll with the punches and understand that plans are very rarely ever set in stone. Playdates are cancelled at the last minute, sleepovers as well, and nobody ever really minds. Because we all understand. We all get the fact that when it comes to kids we realise that they get sick.  Stuff happens and plans change.  Constantly.

So here we are.  Sleepover is rescheduled, playdates have been cancelled and we are officially rolling with the punches...

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