Saturday, 23 June 2012

Party Pooper

I’ve never been one for parties.  Of any kind, really.  And I’m not referring to actually attending parties (which I do enjoy), but more the ones that I would organise.  In fact, I think I can count on one hand the amount of parties I have thrown for myself (or that anyone has thrown for me).  Having dinner at a restaurant with a large contingent of my friends doesn’t count either, in case you were wondering.  

So imagine my surprise when I found myself wanting to host a jewellery party!  This was such a huge deviation from my norm that I couldn't quite grasp it.   But I rolled with it - accepted it, made the booking and sent out the invitations.

Who was I?  What had happened to me?  As the date drew closer, I discovered the truth of what had happened to me.  I wanted an excuse to have some girlfriends over, bake for them, have them bake for me, and sit around and talk rubbish.  And it worked.  It was the sweetest, relaxing afternoon. 

I got to catch up with an old ‘new’ friend' which was great.  You know the kind - someone you knew in your past, but didn’t really know?  Then you reconnect through social media and you find that you actually get along well?  That’s her.  And it was fun.

A friend of mine used to refer to the situation where your friends, who don’t know each other, all meet as “when worlds collide”.  Well my worlds collided this afternoon and it was so nice watching everybody mingle, talk and get to know each other.   There was book club friends, old work colleagues, old school friends, old kindy Mum friends, new prep Mum friends and my family.  All of us together on the deck The Architect built.

This seemed to be something I needed to do.  For whatever reason, I don’t know.  But it felt cathartic.  Healing, almost.  Being surrounded by friends and family and simply spending time has made my week.

I hope your day has been just as lovely.



  1. I'm glad your party went well!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thanks Marcela! Our Sunday was lovely as well :)


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