Saturday, 26 May 2012

There's a man in my kitchen!

I had to get out of the kitchen.  Blind Freddy could see he wanted to make dinner, and I was only getting in the way by ‘helping’.

The Architect has complained about this before.  “You never let me cook dinner” he says.  And truly – that just stumps me.  Isn’t that what ANYONE would want?  To NEVER cook dinner?  But then I remember how much I enjoy cooking, and I must accept that other people are the same.  And one of those ‘other people’ is married to me.

For as long as I was sitting in the kitchen, scrutinising everything he’s doing, (right down to the way he’s chopping the capsicum), it wasn’t going to be a happy  experience for him.  So I had to get out.

I must clarify: I don’t like being like this.  I want to desperately be one of those women who can let the man of the house help, and not criticise the way he helps.  But I’m not.  But I am trying to be!  I can at least acknowledge when I’m being a shrew and this is why I have made my exit.

And as I type, I can almost feel the relief in the kitchen.  He’s happier.  He’s moving around freely and making as much noise and mess as he likes and I am none the wiser.

Sitting at the computer, I'm smiling.  I'm heading in the right direction to being less of a shrew and being able to let go.  Plus I don't have to cook dinner.

Everyone's a winner!



  1. I'm learning the exact same thing. I'm trying to stand back and not nit pick over whether the spring onions are diced perfectly or not. I don't comment on too many veges being in the pot or the potato and pumpkin not being cut up to the same size! It's the only way to build their confidence and when they have such cooking fiends as us to deal with, they need all the confidence they can get! Good sharing sweety!

  2. Oh it's hard to let go....very hard. So glad I'm not the only one too. xx

  3. Oh it's hard to let go....very hard. So glad I'm not the only one too. xx

  4. I wish mine wanted to cook...
    But I'm back to enjoying cooking. Probably because I know I don't have to do it EVERY night anymore! I get two nights off a week, should I need them, and honestly, it's the knowledge I can have the time off, that makes me want to keep going!
    So I cooked tonight, despite it being tuesday, because I really felt like onion and chicken, and coconut cream & rice, however it does screws up my week, because now it feels like thursday. But I'm not complaining... I'm getting my groove back. <3


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