Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My mobile, my friend

Little Warrior has killed my iPhone.  With one swift downward motion, my communication device was shattered.  Three and a half years I’ve had an iPhone and in all that time I haven’t damaged it.  Yes, I may have lost one, but damage?  No.  Never.

I can remember a time before I had a mobile phone.  A time when, if you HAD a mobile phone, you were considered a wanker.  Or was that just the friends I had at the time?

If you were running late to meet someone, you were just late.  They figured you were late by the time 30 minutes had ticked by and there was still no sign of you.  There wasn’t any texting or calling saying you’re just popping into Baker’s Delight for a scroll or tear n share, and do you want anything?  If you couldn’t remember what type of yogurt you had to buy at the shop, you just had to rely on your memory.  If you hadn’t called your Mother for her birthday, you had to wait until you got home or call from a payphone.  And if you were waiting for a phone call, you actually had to stay home.  Barbaric.

So blah.  So boring.  How dynamic we are now.  Now we can be in touch constantly.  That thought alone makes some people shiver.  But me – I love it.  I love having everything at my fingertips.  Calendar, music, contacts, telephone, shopping list, to do list, weather, eBay, internet.  It all works so beautifully until a certain two year old decides to fling my phone with all his might in a downward motion onto the bathroom tiles.  Sigh.  Really, Little Warrior?  You couldn’t have just given Mummy the phone and BRUSHED YOUR TEETH?

Everything was in that damn phone.  I had to desperately copy out my shopping list whilst at the Optus Shop, plus my to do list.  I even had to borrow a pen.  I haven’t had a pen in my handbag for at least four years.   I had to go into my Period Tracker app to find out when my next period is ferchrissakes!  Hey - I’m nothing if not honest.  But it’s true!  Hello, my name is Leanne and I use my phone to track my cycle. 

So now my phone is off to the insurance peeps at Optus and no doubt it will cost a bomb to replace and then where will I be?  At the moment I’m using my old Dopod.  Remember those?  I think that’s what the HTC was before it was HTC.  It’s fine, it’ll do.  It’s a phone, but it’s not my iPhone.  Sad face emoticon.

I’ve come so far from my first mobile phone.  A bright yellow Alcatel mobile phone.  My mobile phone lifeline looks like this:

Nokia (didn’t everyone?)
Siemens (tiny little silver thing)
Motorola (hellloooo Moto)

So until we meet again my trusty phone,  thank-you for keeping my entire life running smoothly.  I'll miss you dear friend.  Now has anyone got a pen I can borrow?

Have you ever thought about your mobile phone lifeline?  How many have you been through?  What's your favourite?  No prizes for guessing which is my favourite in my lifeline.

Image: Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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