Monday, 16 April 2012

Give us this day

What is the one website you use daily? And let’s exclude Facebook and Twitter, because for me, they are my daily bread. And my RSS news feed. But the one website that I use daily aside from the above, would have to be

I love cooking.  Love it, love it, love it.   I haven’t always.   Infact I only started cooking when The Architect and I got together.  And over the past five years I have developed a real love for cooking and especially finding easy, tasty, simple recipes. has brought me (and the family) so many meals over the years.  It’s practically what our whole Christmas feast is based on, and many other celebratory catch-ups too.

Today I used four recipes from three different sites.

I made Polynesian Princess’s (PP) lunch for the week. The fail-safe mini-quiches which she requests each week.   This recipe isn’t from Taste (it's from a site called Exclusively Food), but it’s one of those recipes that has been used so much (I've been making them for about five years) that I don’t need to consult the recipe anymore.   I make one batch on a Sunday and that does PP for her lunch for the entire week.

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You can find the recipe here.

The second dish I made was for the kids’ dinner. It’s a basic chicken pie recipe that I found in one of my Australian BBC Good Food magazines (my FAVOURITE food magazine ever). The pies were a hit.  But they always are.  And that's not me being arrogant.  That's just me acknowledging that if I wrap anything in puff pastry, my kids will eat it.

The third dish I made was from Taste.   I made chocolate shortbread for my girly catch-up tomorrow in the park.

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There’s a thunderstorm forecast, but I sincerely hope we can still catch up because I made these shortbreads specifically with these friends in mind.  I’ve had three pieces already and I’m not sure how I’m going to eat my dinner.

Which brings me to my last recipe.   I've been staring at three chicken breasts all day wondering what I'm going to make for our dinner.  I was stumped.  I didn’t have a lot in our fridge given I haven’t done our grocery shop yet and the chicken wasn't enticing me in any way.

Also I was looking for something that involved baking, so that I could prepare it early, and let the oven do the rest later while I watch Margie face her fear of heights on The Biggest Loser Australia (I've since realised that this isn't happening tonight).  Anyhoo, I stumbled upon this recipe for lemon and garlic chicken parcels.  I prepared it in ten minutes and I put it in the oven for double the time it recommended (15 minutes wasn't enough time to bake a chicken breast).  It was delicious.  And simple.  And easy.  So it ticks all the boxes for me.

Bon appetit everyone!  If you have any favourite recipes, I would love (LOVE) to receive them.  I think there's an email button somewhere here on the page isn't there?


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