Thursday, 19 April 2012

Blithering Idiot

Polynesian Princess (PP) had her first cross country today.  And I blubbered like the sentimental fool that I am.  Oh why, why, WHY must I be so emotional?  I held it together.  Mostly.  But when I saw her running past us just after the starter’s gun went off, I was so proud I swear my heart was going to burst.  Either that, or the lump in my throat was going to block my airwaves and I would pass out.

It was a 700 metre run which I think is a decent run for a five year old.  I remember my first cross country which would have been when I was eight (about grade three I think).  I don’t know how long the run was, but I recall being surprised at how fast my heart was beating, and how ragged my breath was.  It was the first time I had experienced any kind of physical exertion and I wasn’t keen on repeating it.  Probably why it took me another 18 years to re-visit the ol’ running gig.

But PP had a great time.  She crossed the finish line with the biggest smile on her face and I almost crushed her ribs with my hug.   A few tears squeezed out but I was cool.  Be cool DD, be cool.  It’s only a cross country race!

This isn’t the first time I’ve been like this.  Last year, at the end of PP’s kindy year I was a blithering idiot as well.  You can read about it here.

Man oh man, I am going to have to have a cup of cement and harden the hell up, otherwise what is high school graduation going to be like?

So suck it up Diva.

Suck. It. Up.

Are you an emotional parent?  Is every little milestone prised from your hands with a handful of Kleenex?

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