Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fabulous February

Here we are.  The end of Fabulous February, and what a fabulous month it has been!  I started this month with a post about judgment.  We've all been there - judging others before actually walking in their shoes.  And I'm no different.  Hell, I probably wrote the book on judging mothers before I actually was one.  I still do it, but I'm not smug about it.  These days I know that one day that could be me.

This month also saw The Architect and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary and we had a lovely celebration dinner together.  Ten years ago we were kid and carefree.  Ten years on we're parents of two little munchkins and not necessarily what I would term carefree, but we've been fortunate enough to continue growing together and I'm thankful for that everyday.

Little Warrior and Polynesian Princess also celebrated their birthdays this month and we promised the Polynesian Princess that she could have a birthday party.  It's the first real kids party that I have ever done and I blogged about it here and here.  Yes, I had to do two blogs to cover it.  I am particularly proud of the Dolly Varden cake I made for her.  Big ups for me!

I have been what I call a Two-Sh*t Sam in the past and no doubt will be in the future.  A friend of mine said he refers to these people as two-catters.  If you've got one cat, they've got two.  If you've done one sh*t, well you get the picture.  It is a rare find, but there are people out there that consistently two-sh*t/two-cat you.  Do you know one?

And finally, the post I ended the month with was Mama Guilt.  You don't need to be a mother to feel guilt.  I recently caught up with an old friend who isn't married and doesn't have children.  She admitted to feeling guilty spending $300 on her hair.  And then buying product!  It would appear that guilt manifests itself everywhere and in anyone.  It's how we deal with it that is the key to having a happier life.

So that's a big farewell to Fabulous February from me and let's dive headfirst into Magnificent March.

Happy Wednesday everyone and thanks for following.


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