Friday, 30 December 2011

Fare thee well 2011...

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and we will then move into 2012.  Personally, I can’t wait.  I’m over this year.  I feel like a lame horse limping to the finish line, but then again, I feel like that at the end of every year.  Not that that means that things are going to miraculously change.  I’m still going to wake up bone weary tired.  I’m still going to get annoyed each time my two kids hit/fight/scratch/bite, whatever – insert your own annoying verb here.   I’m still going to be getting their dinner ready at 5:00pm and I’ll still be doing the ironing every second day (at least).   I will still be addicted to Facebook and Twitter and I will still keep a gratitude journal of some description.

A lot happened this year.  Floods hit South East Queensland and whilst we weren’t affected directly, my heart hurt for everyone who was.  There were people who lost their loved ones and this helped me keep things in perspective and be thankful everyday for all that I still have.

Earthquakes rocked my birth city of Christchurch and currently 40,000 people have left the city.  Since the most recent earthquakes in Christchurch, I would imagine this number has increased significantly.  Remembering how beautiful Christchurch is, I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be there now.  Potentially an entire city will be relocated and my heart is heavy for the people of Christchurch.

On a personal note my Polynesian Princess went to kindergarten this year and I was home for five days a fortnight with my Little Warrior.  One year has flown by again and this marks year two of being at home with the little brown-eyed wonders.  The days of logging into a computer at work, sushi for lunch, pointless meetings, impossible KPI’s  and cold Melbourne Cup lunches seem to belong in a parallel universe.  I sometimes stumble on my old corporate-wear when I’m putting away or getting out winter/summer clothing, which is kept in storage.  Maybe 2012 will be the year I get them out, put them in dry-cleaning and hop back into the corporate saddle.  Or maybe it won’t.

I have but one New Years Resolution: to blog once a week.  There.  That’s it.  I’m excited about this blogging universe and it allows me to express myself in the way I’ve always felt comfortable.  I remember being young (nine? ten?) and writing lots of poems and short stories.  I continued writing poetry throughout primary and high school and sadly I didn’t keep any of my yearbooks because one of my poems featured in the back of one.  After high school I didn’t write anymore…..until this blog.  And since beginning this blog, I've felt invigorated, excited, happy.  So onward and upward, I say :)

Fare thee well 2011 and Happy New Year to everyone!


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