Sunday, 1 January 2012

1 Jan 2012

Day one of the New Year and The Architect and I are lost.  Mooching around the house, occasionally saying “what do you want to do today?” before drifting into another room and forgetting the question.  If I were about ten years younger, this would have frustrated the hell out of me.  Directionless, even for one day, was enough to drive me insane.  So many wasted minutes.  They could have been used for shopping!  Or eating!  Or shopping!  Wait....   But this is not so anymore.

I fill almost every day up with activity, it’s a relief to have one day sans plans.  The house is quiet with the Little Warrior out for the count.  Polynesian Princess is eating her way through a bag of lollies at Mum's place (I'm guessing).  The street is quiet with our young neighbours either away or sleeping the sleep of the dead.   I don’t care either way.  Hand on my heart.

So this is my start to the year.  Quiet and innocuous.  Were you smart enough to organise something?

Think I'll have a cuppa...

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