Friday, 31 August 2012

End of August

Things are happening quickly.  But at the same time they’re moving slowly.   Since my last post, where I described my desire to start my own business, I’ve been inundated with kind, supportive words from friends and family alike.   It’s been truly humbling and it’s helped me take steps towards realising my full potential.

A business plan has been written.  A name has been chosen.  The name has been registered and an ABN has been acquired.  All of these steps have involved me sitting in front of the computer, nervously filling in details and then procrastinating when it comes to hitting the “submit” button.  The giant step of starting my own business has involved tiny incremental steps of filling out forms, sending emails and researching.  Hour by hour, day by day, I am getting ever closer to beginning operations as a business.  Eeeek!

In amongst all this, The Architect took me away for the weekend and we rediscovered us.  It was a weekend that was meant to be for my birthday (in July) but due to constant illness, we weren’t able to get away until almost a month later.  Anyway.  That’s a first world problem if ever I’ve heard one.

That weekend away was the breath of fresh air we both needed.  I don’t think either of us realised how much we would get out of it and a huge thank-you goes out to our friends who took the Polynesian Princess and Little Warrior for the night.  In a galaxy far, far away, in a time long, long ago, The Architect and I would regularly go away for weekend jaunts.   We thought nothing of it.  The same cannot be said for the last five years.  But after this weekend away, we’ve both said that we need to do it more regularly.   Translation: maybe once a year.  At least it’s on the radar though!  And we know that it’s “doable”.

I’ve missed blogging, and it’s taken me three attempts to get this one finished.  It’s not flowing as easily as others, but I’ll persist and will be back in the swing of it this Spring.  As in tomorrow.

Happy First Day of Spring everyone!  And Happy Father’s Day all you Papa’s out there.


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