Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July - the month that was

I shouldn't say this about my birthday month, but July sucked.  Big time.  It felt like the entire month was spent looking after sick people, or being one of those sick people.  The month began with Polynesian Princess being struck down with gastro, closely followed by Little Warrior taking his first ambulance ride to hospital with severe asthma.  And for the past two weeks we have all been sick with the flu.

By some miracle, I managed to have a birthday this month and wasn't actually sick on the day.  Truly a miracle.

Even now, sitting here and blogging after a week's hiatus, I am feeling quite blah.  August will be better.  I'm sure of it.

But through it all, I continued to take photos and participate in the Photo a Day Challenge.  Thirty-one days.  Thirty-one photos. The list for August can be found here.  

See you all in August!


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