Saturday, 16 June 2012

Have a good day?

This time last week I was still on a high from doing my first ever trail-run.  I finally feel like my body has recovered after:
  • seven days;
  • one trigger point massage;
  • one podiatrist appointment; and
  • one osteopath appointment.
Yep.  Let's just say I'm not a natural runner and I really need to work at it.

My day began with some Sun Salutations, a run, more yoga and then meditation.  What an awesome way to start any day!  If I could start everyday this way, I think I would be one perpetually happy Mama Bear.

After a lunch-time nap to combat a niggling sore throat and ear (thanks Polynesian Princess - I'm pretty sure it's from you), I was ready for a high tea with friends.  Sigh.  Lovely.  Just a lovely afternoon, talking all things old and new.  And eating.  Yeah - working our way through three tiers of yumminess, pots of tea and sparkling wine.

The night saw us having fish & chips and the kids watching "Gruffalo's Child".  Again.  They're both asleep now and the house is quiet.  The only sound is me on the keyboard and some muted music from the party across the road.  Bliss.

So tell me.  Did you have a good day?  Cause I did.

It was good...


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