Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Photo a Day May: Day 7 & 8

So I’m participating in "Photo a Day May" which I discovered on this blog by Fat Mum Slim.  I love the idea so jumped on the bandwagon seven days in.

The general premise is to take a photo a day using the categories that Fat Mum Slim has designated to each day.  You can then upload to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or your blog and simply use the hashtag #photoadaymay.

I started yesterday on day 7 and the category was “Someone that inspires you”.  This was my photo.

This is my friend Shelley.  Why does she inspire me?  Many reasons, I guess.  Too many for me to really list and frankly, they’re all a bit personal.  Suffice to say that I adore her, I look up to her and I go to her when I need a slap down to earth.

Today is Day 8: A smell you adore

How do you pick just one?  I blogged about memory smells, specifically those from my childhood.  I just love how one smell can transport you back in time and bring forth memories you’d long since forgotten.

But for today's photo, I chose garlic.

I was cooking dinner for Polynesian Princess and Little Warrior (teriyaki ginger beef & fried rice) and had just thrown the garlic into the oil.  Gawd I just LOVE that smell.  Then it came to me.  This was going to be “day 8” for me.  Isn’t the smell of garlic and oil just delicious?

Are you participating? What was your photo for today?

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