Saturday, 21 January 2012

A lazy Saturday morn...

It is the Saturday before school starts.  It's hot.  Stinking hot.  And we decided today was the day to take the trainer wheels off Polynesian Princess's trike.   Tops.

Down to Suncorp Stadium we trundle.  Park ourselves under a tree.

This tree.

The Architect runs around with the kids.  Both clamoring for his attention.  Little Warrior wins.  He usually does.  He's the loudest and most insistent.

I don't envy him.  I sit and relax.

Like this.

Ooooh wait!  There's a caterpillar on the tree.  Let's squish him!  Poor caterpillar.  Little Warrior and Polynesian Princess, armed with sticks intent on squishing.  But they are unsuccessful.  In part, due to The Architect and me dissuading them vehemently.

But I digress.  The removal of trainer wheels is a success!  Another milestone checked off the list.  Polynesian Princess is a natural only being hindered by our insistence on grabbing sporadically at her bike.  No, no Mum.  Let go.

Okie doke!

This could be a way of getting used to what will happen on Monday.  Her first day in school.

No, no Mum.

Let go...

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